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Sorry, very little firewood available this winter,
so I'm only supporting my existing customers.

Marshall Firewood is a small sideline business run by a business writer and a computer technician who happen to like living in the country. NorthPower was through our block a few years ago, felling trees that were close to the power lines. Now we're clearing those fallen trees away.

Our main offering at the moment is mixed hardwood -- totara and acacia, with a bit of kanuka. There's hardly any pine or other softwood in the mix, so you may need to find a small supply of softwood to help you start the fire easily, or to provide quick heat. We get by with kindling made from totara logs. The totara and acacia is great for a long slow burn on cool mornings and nights.

Our firewood shed

The price for one cubic metre of mixed firewood is $80, delivered to addresses within Ngunguru township. One cubic metre is a well-filled 6x4 trailer load. Delivery can be arranged when it suits you. You're welcome to pick up a load of firewood for $70 per cubic metre. We're located 20km from Whangarei and 5km before Ngunguru township, if you're thinking of doing the pick-up option. Access for an ordinary car and trailer is reasonable.

A number of people have asked whether we deliver firewood to metropolitan Whangarei addresses. We don't normally do that, because the transport costs gobble up any profit we might make. However, we're happy to deliver a trailer-load of firewood to you, at our convenience and for $80, delivered. It means we'll give you a rough idea how many days it'll take before we can make the delivery, and one day you'll get a phone call to let you know we're turning up the next day. Or you might come home in the evening to find a load of wood dumped at your designated spot. Some trips into town are planned and some aren't. It works well for us to go into town with a load of firewood and then to be able to afford what we went into town to get!

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The wood has been cut into lengths of about 30cm and any large pieces have been split. Nearly all the wood is well seasoned, having been cut down about two years ago. It's been sitting under cover for about three to six months. Some of it may need to sit under cover for a while longer to get bone-dry.

Other firewood suppliers - LJ Beavers PDF Print E-mail

Larry and Jess, trading as LJ Beavers, are in Ruakaka, and are a bit more serious than us about firewood.

They supply firewood down to Auckland and up to Whangarei. You can also check out their TradeMe listing.